Do you have a young child who loves to move? Bring them to Mini BREAKS, the ONLY breakin’ (“break dance”) creative movement class of its kind for young children ages 2-6 in the Pacific Northwest! 

Classes take place in Seattle, Washington and are taught by the b-girl Anna Banana Freeze - former preschool teacher and current member of the world-famous, award winning dance crew, Massive Monkees!

In this unique class, young students will have fun while they exercise, express themselves, think creatively, build self-esteem, practice respect, and make new friends!

Outside of a dance studio, hip-hop culture (including breakin’) is not taught through choreography or 8-counts but more intuitively through interactive demonstration. Mini BREAKS focuses on encouraging young children to be creative and courageous – to come up with their own ideas and be able to express themselves by sharing those ideas with others. All children are artists – Mini BREAKS helps them remain artists as they grow up!

Check out the video segment of KCTS-9′s (PBS) show PIE featuring Mini BREAKS below:

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