A mistake we learned from our first “Pop-up” classes…

We did our first three “Pop-up Mini BREAKS” classes (two in Seattle at Washington Hall, one in Bellevue at Cornerstone Studio) and they were pretty awesome!  The spaces are both super warm, roomy and have been so welcoming! We’ve never done classes in either space before but now that we have, we were able to make a couple of mistakes to learn and improve from.

The most notable mistake was that our previous sign-up system allowed for a few extra students into our sold-out classes. We made a slight change to the way sign-ups look and take place that we think will prevent that mistake in future classes.

Each class will now be listed separately for sign-up, instead of having one listing for the month’s multiple dates per location. When each class reaches maximum capacity, there will be no chance of accidentally signing up for an already full class (which happened a few times in our first three pop-up classes and was totally our fault!)

Washington Hall is our bigger space at the moment with a maximum capacity of 20 students. After our next couple of classes take place (now with no possibility of accidentally signing up more than 20), we’ll reevaluate the class size to see if we should bump it down to a maximum of 18 students per class. Amazingly enough, a class size of 20 is still much smaller than some of our past drop-in classes at The Beacon, which would hit 30-35 at times in the fall/winter seasons!

Have you tried a “Pop-up Mini BREAKS” class, yet? Tell us what you think by sending an email to info@minibreaksdance.com!

Also, please tag us in your class photos and video posts on Facebook and Instagram! 😀