About Mini BREAKS

Post-class picture on Massive Monkees Day 2013. Photo by Lonestar.

Mini BREAKS was created by Fides “Anna Banana Freeze” Mabanta upon the opening of The Beacon, Massive Monkees’ Seattle dance studio, in the beginning of 2013.

Anna, along with crew mate Jenna Hikida (Vivid Vixens crew), first began to develop a curriculum for an ages 1-7 break dance class when called upon to instruct a thriving play group facilitated by Mayet Dalila in 2007. The first and following classes were a huge success, and Anna went on to do similar classes for Seattle Parks & Recreation, the Seattle Children’s Museum, as well as for the award-winning, nationally-recognized non-profit organization, Arts Corps.

In January 2013, Anna jumped at the chance to teach her specialty class on a regular basis when the dream of opening up a dance studio by her group, Massive Monkees, suddenly became reality. Although it had been almost six years since the young children’s breaking/hip-hop class was conceived, it still was not offered regularly anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Anna strongly believes in building community, especially so in the power and positivity of the hip-hop community. She is very grateful to be able to teach her breaking/hip-hop class on her own terms, and to a population (toddlers and preschoolers) who usually don’t have many hip-hop related classes available to them. Anna seeks to fill that need. She knows that toddler/preschool children are hungry to move, explore and create – it is in their very nature to do so, it is how they process the world around them. Anna finds boundless joy in figuring out age-appropriate ways of sharing hip-hop and breaking to young children. She loves hip-hop so much and believes passionately in empowerment for all ages that she wants to share it with everyone, especially with toddlers and preschoolers.

Bring your mini b-girl or b-boy and check out this awesome class at The Beacon in Seattle’s Chinatown, 664 South King Street!