Dance Classes

Have you ever been to a Mini BREAKS class? If not, check out this awesome video segment that the KCTS-9 (PBS) program PIE aired in 2013 featuring Mini BREAKS! 


During a Mini BREAKS dance class, students and their adults follow along as teacher Anna Banana Freeze demonstrates a variety of breaking (break dance) moves and concepts. Participants are invited to share their own dance moves and express themselves during cyphers, dance games and practice session time. Please note that it’s very much okay if students (and adults) choose to sit back and observe, rather than actively participate. We know that each individual (young or older) learns and processes information differently – please encourage, rather than force your child to dance and move.

A Mini BREAKS dance class leans more towards a dance PARTY, rather than a traditional dance class. The focus is not as much on the actual dance moves but more so the concepts, ideas like: 

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharing and acknowledging ideas
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Viewing mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Celebrating differences
  • Honoring each child’s chosen level of participation
  • Development of gross motor skills

To make sure each child in class has been acknowledged at least once, Anna Banana Freeze chats with each child and gives them a Massive Monkees sticker at the end of class.


Hello, adults! We ask you to remain with your child during class – to offer encouragement, support and supervision! Please keep in mind that our dance space may get very warm during spring/summer and cold during fall/winter, so we recommend you and your child dress accordingly. Also, bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. Regardless of the season, we end up getting a little sweaty!

One last thing – we’d like to repeat that there’s no pressure for you or your child to dance. Sometimes it might be intimidating to put your heart out on the dance floor in front of others, sometimes we might not be playing the song that gets you in the mood, or maybe inspiration is just not striking you at the moment. No worries! We get those days, too, and not dancing during the first  (or second or third) class doesn’t mean you are not a great dancer!

We hope to see you and your tiny dancer at our next class! 😉


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