I’ve taken my 5-year old son here three times now for the Mini Breaks class with Anna Banana Freeze. While he has had varying levels of participation due to his mood, I’ve found that Anna is an AWESOME teacher for this age range of 3-5. She is able to get the kids to focus, be engaged, and have fun, while teaching basic (very basic) breaking moves. What I especially like is her emphasis that not everyone has to participate in the individual cipher each time, and makes them feel okay about being shy that particular day. The pressure is off and they can have fun, at whatever level, they feel like at that moment.

The Beacon offers three payment choices for students. You can simply drop-in and pay $15 for the class, or pre-pay for 5 classes at $65 or 10 classes for $100. As long as my son is still interested, I will keep taking him to Anna Banana to learn break dancing. They have comfy couches in the back for you to watch (if you don’t want to sit on the stage with your kid) and you can bring food in too, which is a great option with all the cheap eats around in the ID.

Alice T., Yelp Review

My almost 4 year old loves going to “dance class” here. Anna Banana Freeze is amazing with young kids. She provides enough guidance and structure that kids have an opportunity to learn new skills/moves and to prevent chaos, while encouraging creativity and maintaining a super fun/freeing environment. She is awesome.

Amara M., Facebook Review

I love love love this class. It’s the highlight of our week and we gladly take the ferry from Bremerton to join. My son is two as he gets out of his mind excited to “DANCE WITH FRIENDS!?!” Anna Banana Freeze is so patient with his rambunctious twoness ♥

Amethyst JoyFacebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze is WONDERFUL with the kids. My nephew adores her! He definitely loves music and loves to DANCE. This class has helped build his confidence. I love the time I get to spend with him here – watching him move to the beat and smile whenever he’s proud of himself. Plus, he has the BEST appetite and naps after class!

Arleh A.Facebook Review

Such a fun wy to get the day started. Anna Banana is an amazing and patient teacher.

Camille M., Facebook Review

Awesome class for the young ones! Anna Banana is great with the kids and just seeing how they react to her is great, they love her! Definitely recommend this class for toddlers wanting to learn and express themselves through dance and body movement!

Cember D.Facebook Review

My toddler loves this class! It is one of her favorite things to do. Anna Banana is an amazing instructor.

Cheryce Marie T., Facebook Review

Our son loves the mini break class with Ana Banana Freeze – she is great with the kids! I highly recommend the class! We had a great time and will definitely be going back!

Danna L., Facebook Review

My almost three year old LOVES Anna Banana and mini breaks. The cipher (group dance) is set up to make all the kids feel comfortable with no pressure to dance. My son especially loves learning new moves and the TATTOOs he refuses to wash off. i highly recommend this class!

Erica G., Facebook Review

My son and daughter have both attended Mini BREAKS and they love it! The Teacher / B-Girl Instructor Anna is positive, warm, and cares about helping kids express themselves through the power of dance. Speaking as a father and parent, it’s also great chance to spend time with the kids and get the wiggles out. One of Seattle’s best kept secrets for families!

Garrett C.Facebook Review