Thank you so much for a fun morning! My daughter loved every minute of Mini Breaks. Anna Banana Freeze does such a wonderful job of engaging the kids but not putting any pressure on them and creating an environment of fun. We will be back for sure!

Heather C.Facebook Review

This is all my 2yo daughter talks about…no joke, every single day (and with a 2yo that’s 800 times a day!). We do ciphers all the time at home and she loves to show me her new moves. As her mama, I love the super positive messages about loving yourself, being true to yourself, and trusting that you are an artist no matter what.

Jennifer L., Facebook Review

Aside from the obvious – introducing our minis to breaking and hip hop in a positive fun environment – I also love how Minibreaks introduces preschool fundamentals such as listening to the teacher, following directions, respecting themselves and others, taking turns, and socializing/ interacting with their peers.

The Teacher, Anna Banana Freeze, is so amazing. Her energy radiates on the kids and parents. She is encouraging and accommodates everyone well, from the outgoing to the super shy. My three year old son didn’t want to leave and my infant daughter had fun “dancing” with me on the sidelines.

We will definitely be back!

Karena T., Facebook Review

All of the dancing at Mini BREAKS is informal, safe, and age-appropriate, and each child dances as much as they are comfortable with. Anna shows the kids basic breaking steps to get their feet tapping to the beat, and shares the names of dance moves to introduce students to b-boy and b-girl culture. My 4-year-old daughter now knows what a cypher is, the name for the circle that spectators form around a dancer showing off their best tricks. In fact, after her first Mini BREAKS class, I almost stepped on a dance floor my daughter created out of Barbie dolls sitting in a circle, just waiting to watch her to show off her new moves.

Kelly K., Seattle's Child

We went for the first time this morning with our almost three year old twins. They had a great time and were talking about it to strangers at the playground afterwards. The teacher Anna is amazing at keeping the class moving and structured even with a full room of bouncy kids. It was high energy and very positive. My favorite part is that is it so focused on supporting the kids’ expressions of their own individuality. We haven’t attended anything else like it. We will definitely be back.

Kim S., Facebook Review

Mini-breaks is not just about breakdancing but creative movement and fostering imagination. It was the perfect class to introduce my 4 year old to dance. He had so much fun and Anna is an amazing teacher. We drove all the way from Auburn to Seattle almost every Saturday in one summer since my son did not want to miss a class!

Lai-lai A.Facebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze brings energy, creativity, encouragement, and FUN to the kids in class! There’s no pressure on the kids, and everyone has their chance to shine if they wish! We had a blast today and can’t wait to do it again next weekend!

Laura B., Facebook Review

My son loves the mini break class! Anna Banana is amazing with the kids! She has great, big expressions and is very animated when instructing kiddos and they eat it up. She encourages the kids to express themselves freely and thoroughly explains the boundaries and rules of the class in a way that makes sense to them. My son has a blast dancing and learning new dance moves.

Lindsey B., Facebook Review

We have loved our time with Mini BREAKS taught by Anna Banana Freeze! Her class is a perfect blend of meeting every student where they are at (no matter their personality), teaching them fundamentals through age-appropriate methods, and inspiring mini bboys and bgirls when she takes her turn breakdancing at every class. Children are drawn to her kindness and respect that she openly gives to everyone who steps up to the cypher!

Lydia C.Facebook Review

We love your classes.

Megan T., Facebook Review