We took our 3 yr old to Mini Breaks today, and he had a great time. (Mommy and Daddy did too.) Anna Banana Freeze is great with the kids- really encouraging and supportive and talked about sharing positive energy which was cool. We’ll definitely be back.

Mitch G., Facebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze is a talented teacher and artist! My 4yo loves coming here. Ha! We did a dance cypher today at home with his stuffed animals and he was the teacher!! Defiantly recommend at least trying once.

Nate F.Facebook Review

My daughter Olivia loves this class! And so do I. Anna Banana Freeze is so good with kids, everyone seems to have a good time. I tell everyone that will listen about this class! The only thing is…where am I going to take her after she is too big?!! (A few years to worry about that, she’s only 2)

Nila Mae O., Facebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze is REALLY good with kids!! T “danced” in front of everybody TWICE during her first class and it was a very big class too (20+ kids)

Quincy L., Facebook Review

Our boys, age 2 and nearly 4 love this class. Anna Banana Freeze structures her class so well to engage all the kids. Even our very shy 2 year old who never used to dance is now a little b-boy at home every chance he gets. We love mini-breaks!

Sara Anne F., Facebook Review

Anna Banana has created one of the coolest modern classes for your toddler and child. She is great with children (and parents) and super patient. My son and daughter love getting to dance in the cipher and learn new break dance moves. I wish they could go all the time.

Only one thing that can make classes better and that’s parents making sure their children are not disrupting the lesson unchecked.

Sifu TrenoopsFacebook Review

The class is as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. Anna Banana is amazing with kids with a gentle voice and approach to coax the shyest kids out of their shells. My son loves the class, although he is still learning how to participate effectively at 3.5 years old.

Stephen D., Facebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze is awesome at creating a fun and safe atmosphere for young kids to come out of their shells and express themselves through break dance! My son thinks she is amazing.

Taj B., Facebook Review

Mini BREAKS is simply the best! My son loves to show off his moves in the cypher and shows anyone and everyone all week long! This experiences has been a stepping stone for him to explore all sorts of dance and music. And Anna Banana can’t be beat! She is thoughtful and respectful of the kids in a way few adults are.

Vanessa B., Facebook Review

Anna Banana Freeze was so awesome. We had a great time at the Mini Break class and will definitely try to make this a regular Saturday routine, even though we live in Duvall.

Yuiet I., Facebook Review